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The idea for CivicMuslims was conceived in 2011 out of two beliefs: a flourishing Canada needs all its citizens to be civically engaged, and Canadian Muslims have an important contribution to make.

The challenge? How do you build an organization that excites people about civic engagement? We set out to find the formula to inspire people to look beyond themselves.

Brainstormings over delicious lunches and dinners were held and on March 8, 2012, International Women’s Day, CivicMuslims was born. We held a Community Café to commemorate International Women’s Day, and set out the following M/V/M/V for our work:


Mission: To promote volunteerism and civic engagement.

Vision: Informed and engaged Canadians. A flourishing Canada.

Motto: Volunteer. Connect. Grow.

Values: Respect. Sincerity. Excellence.


Most importantly, how we do what we do is what makes CivicMuslims special. We identified 10+1 principles that make up our DNA:

  1.  GRASSROOTS: we are independent, community-based and member-driven
  2. LOCAL CIVIC FOCUS: we focus exclusively on addressing Canadian civic issues
  3. FAITH-INSPIRED: we are inspired by the universal principles of our faith
  4. OPEN: we welcome all who support our mission and values
  5. NON-PARTISAN: we are not biased towards any political party
  6. SELF-SUSTAINING: we strive to be a self-sustaining not-for-profit
  7. BUILDERS: we believe that service builds community
  8. CURATORS: we curate unique and meaningful experiences
  9. CONNECTORS: we connect people through shared purpose
  10. POSITIVE: we take a positive perspective in all of our work
    +1. FUN: we love to laugh and spread jo

We believe in celebrating the journey from the small to the big milestones. Join us for a trip down memory lane:

  • December 2015 … we set out a three-year Strategic Plan
  • November 2015 … we defined our Why and 10+1 principles
  • July 2015 … GIVTAR is born
  • June 2015 … first Ride for Heart
  • February 2015 … we are live on Instagram
  • January 2015 … we surpass 1,000 Facebook likes
  • June 2014 … we join Project Ramadan
  • May 2014 … we surpass 500 members
  • May 2013 … Ideas2Action is born
  • April 2013 … CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada
  • April 2013 … we become members at the Centre for Social Innovation
  • March 2013 … Lights Off-Earth On is born
  • February 2013 … Habitat for Humanity team build
  • December 2012 … we join the Muslims for White Ribbon campaign
  • November 2012 … first Eid gathering
  • October 2012 … we surpass 150 members
  • September 2012 … first shoreline cleanup
  • June 2012 … first youth workshop
  • May 2012 … first blood drive
  • April 2012 … first tree planting and food bank volunteer day
  • March 2012 … CivicMuslims is born