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We are so excited to announce the launch of our official blog! Our blog will serve as your go-to spot for a look at all of our events. We hope to inspire and delight you with our stories, candid moments and passion for volunteerism. After every event, be sure to loop back here for an event recap and a fun by-the-numbers summary of the impact you helped make! Keep your eyes on this space and let the good times roll, CivicMuslims style!

On March 28, the CivicMuslims family came together with friends to commemorate EarthHour over a candlelit dinner at Anatolian’s Turkish Restaurant. Anatolian’s does not disappoint – the staff is gracious and accommodating and the food is delicious! The evening started off with what felt like a playful game of musical chairs, rearranging the scene for the perfect EarthHour setting. Our group sat adjacent to a beautiful sunset mural of The Maiden’s Tower, a tower resting on the Bosphorus channel in Istanbul. We definitely had the best seats in the house! Just as we thought it could not get any better, out came our mouth-watering dishes: köfte, lahmacun, börek, kebabs, and a stunning variety of dips and spreads. Of course, a meal is not a meal without dessert. After cleaning off our dinner plates, the baklava and Turkish sweets made their grand entrance with the obligatory post-dinner tea. It hit the spot.

As we wiped our mouths in satisfaction, the clock struck 8:30PM and EarthHour was upon us! This year to celebrate the occasion, we decided we would pledge our environmental resolutions; simple strides towards a smaller environmental footprint. We wrote our resolutions on small pieces of paper, and dropped them into a woven basket. The basket traveled around the table and each person picked a resolution at random and read it out loud. Our environmental resolutions were just as diverse as the people at the table. Here is a look at some of the great ideas that came to light: #ChangeClimateChange.

EarthHour Resolutions | CM STYLE:

Grow herbs on the balcony
Depend on bikes and less on cars and trains
Start composting
Turn off all of the lights before leaving home
Use reusable containers and products
Switch light bulbs with LED bulbs
Build a compost in the backyard
Invest in solar technology
Go to the beach more often
Waste less and recycle more often
Use a travel mug and tumbler instead of water bottles or paper cups for coffee ☺
Turn off the electricity switch in the apartment everyday for 30 days to save ghost power (ergo electricity that’s just wasting without powering anything)
Buy an electric car
Volunteer to plant trees
Make an effort to learn what foods are in season and to buy more locally
Buy less clothes
Recycle electronics
Turn out the lights and watch less television
Swap clothes with friends / family
Cook less food at a time so that no food is wasted

What are your resolutions to decrease your household’s environmental footprint? Make small but consistent resolutions to stay committed and encouraged.

By the numbers:
10 excited individuals x 20 diverse resolutions x 10 cups of steeping tea x one too many laughs =
a cleaner world and happier people!  


In the spirit of tradition, the CivicMuslims team celebrated #EarthHour with friends over candlelit dinner at Anatolian'...

Posted by CivicMuslims on Sunday, March 29, 2015