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OpenDoors by CivicMuslims

Super Saturday, our latest blog is up! Last Thursday, we held our first ever OpenDoors event. This will be a monthly "open door" event for you to learn more about us & get involved with our initiatives! Check out our blog post for photos, videos & a fun synopsis:

Posted by CivicMuslims on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Knock, knock? No need to knock! Just come on in!

Welcome to the first ever OpenDoors. It wasn’t difficult to find team CivicMuslims at the Centre for Social Innovation last Thursday. Members followed the sounds of passionate conversation and the aroma of comfort food to find their way. If that didn't guide you, all you had to do was spot the open doors.

The evening started off with icebreakers, refreshments and introductions. A full house of incredible people from all walks of life. There wasn’t an empty seat around the table!

After the warm welcome, Mohamed gave an overview of CivicMuslims: our history, why we exist, how we are different, and what we do. Then, each team lead gave an update about their work: Muaz discussed Neighbour2Neighbour and the upcoming Regent Meals volunteer opportunity; Nora introduced the soft launch of YourVoice, a brand new civic engagement initiative; Omar updated the room about the third Ideas2Action currently in the making; Manal talked about the Lights Off-Earth On candlelit dinner in celebration of Earth Hour; and Umar gave an epic graphical presentation on the Communications team.

Laughs, aha! moments, and a sense of community pervaded the night. Most people in attendance were new to CivicMuslims but by the sounds of it, you could have never guessed! The gourmet pizza and Italian soda was quickly devoured, but the spark stayed with everyone long after the evening wrapped up. Of course, we had to take a group photo as a memento, CivicMuslims style. 


Missed it? Join us at the next OpenDoors on Tuesday, March 1st. We can't wait.

By the numbers:

2 open doors x 21 incredible people x 48 slices of gourmet pizza x 6 loud & clear updates x 1 group shot = a fun first OpenDoors.

What a great group of individuals! Thank you for joining us for our first ever OpenDoors. See you at next month's edition!

Posted by CivicMuslims on Saturday, February 6, 2016