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ExperienceX: Astronomy’s Golden Age


ExperienceX: Astronomy’s Golden Age


On February 12, 2016, CivicMuslims launched a brand new campaign that we are thrilled to share with you: ExperienceX.

ExperienceX is an avenue to explore and engage in unique opportunities in the GTA, while hanging out with the CivicMuslims family. Last month, we held our first-ever ExperienceX event: Experience the Islamic Golden Age. This gem of an event was sold out in less than 10 hours! We ventured out to the University of Toronto’s Planetarium and learned about the incredible astronomical ideas of the Islamic Golden Age. 

The night started out in a more earthly manner: a cozy meet-up at Valens restaurant on Toronto’s well known Baldwin Street. There we enjoyed hearty and delicious dishes of seafood, pasta, and bruschetta. Our hearty meals got us ready for an evening of celestial wonder. We threw on our parkas and scarves, and headed over to UofT's Planetarium in the snowy weather. 

There we were greeted by warm twinkling star lights and the mysterious gravitational pull of supernovas. A representative from the UofT Graduate Astronomy Students Association walked us back in time as we explored the discoveries of ancient Islamic astronomers,and traveled the night sky across the Arabian Peninsula from Iraq to Jordan. The 55-minute, sold-out show was held inside a wonderful dome that realistically reflected a clear night sky, a rare occurrence in smoggy downtown Toronto! 

We ended the night by sharing short reflections on how the show inspired us, motivated us, and challenged us. These insightful takeaways coupled with the celestial views of the night sky had everyone feeling as though we were transported through space and time that night.

This show was born from the idea that humanity is #UnitedByTheStars, and UofT donated 100% of ticket proceeds to Red Cross Canada, to help provide Syrian refugees with necessities for survival. CivicMuslims was honoured to be a part of this beneficial and educational gathering. 


By the numbers: 

13 curious individuals x $160 dollars raised for Red Cross Canada x exploring billions of stars x visiting millions of galaxies =

an enlightened CivicMuslims outing!

Look forward to more ExperienceX events in the future!