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Springing Forward with Regent Meals  

This past Sunday, an energetic team of CivicMuslim volunteers battled Daylight Savings blues and rolled up their sleeves to join the Regent Meals Lunch Service. #SundayFunday!

The restaurant-style program is a unique partnership between the Christian Resource Centre and Muslim Welfare Centre. It serves more than 300 nutritious meals to those in need. Regent Park is a diverse and vibrant community comprising of many new Canadians. It is one of the most culturally rich neighbourhoods in the city but has faced challenges in the past relating to poverty, violence and isolation.

The Regent Meals program has been operating on a weekly basis since 2014 and has been so successful that it has been replicated in other parts of the City. It is also the first-ever halal meal program in Toronto and the large Muslim the community residing in Regent Park have been particularly grateful for the service. 

After a brief orientation, the CivicMuslims team was involved with preparing and setting up the venue, plating and serving meals to guests and bussing tables after the patrons had left. A special thank you goes out to the amazing volunteers who pitched in with clean-up at the end. The coordinators were really appreciative of your efforts and commented on the professionalism of the entire CivicMuslims team.

Throughout the day volunteers really connected with the patrons and learned about the challenging situations that residents face including precarious employment, housing security and mental health. The event highlighted critical issues within society and provided an opportunity to learn firsthand about some of the day to day challenges our neighbours face. We are so happy to have helped host this past Sunday Lunch with Regent Meals - and we look forward to future opportunities to extend a helping hand!

By the Numbers:
315 meals served x 9 CivicMuslims Volunteers x 5 fulfilling hours

= the best kind of Sunday morning