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Our Initiatives

Service is our first pillar. We define it as rolling up your sleeves, being on the ground, and doing good. We curate meaningful community service opportunities and act as the hub that connects volunteers with these opportunities.

For 2016, we have two focus areas:

  •  GreenSeeds: environmental stewardship service opportunities such as tree plantings, community gardening, and cleanups
  •  Neighbour2Neighbour: neighbourhood-based service opportunities such as food banks, shelters, and soup kitchens


Education is our second pillar. Being well-informed goes hand in hand with being engaged. We want to create awareness, inspire change and provide meaningful opportunities for diverse voices to be heard.

For 2016, we have two focus areas:

  •  IDEAS2ACTION: we showcase individuals and organizations that took ideas for good and brought them to life. Speakers share their journey, openly and honestly, from the ups and downs to the impact that their work has had, how they made it happen, lessons along the way, and where they would like to go next
  •   YOURVOICE: we connect our members with opportunities for their voices to be heard at town halls, forums, and consultations on timely civic issues. We prepare backgrounders and relevant resources to support members’ meaningful contributions


Social is our glue. We curate unique social experiences with a purpose to connect our members. We believe that members who know one another volunteer together. Proceeds from social events support CivicMuslims’ service and education initiatives.

For 2016, we have the following initiatives:

  • OpenDoors: it's our first year launching OpenDoors and we're excited. This is an open-to-all gathering and is a great way to get to know CivicMuslims. Lean in and help us plan our initiatives, or lean back by relaxing and enjoying good company. It's an open invitation.
  •  ExperienceX: our flagship social brand, this is where you get to enjoy unique experiences such as trips, guided tours, hands-on classes, and sporting events
  •  Lights Off-Earth On: our annual dinner in honour of Earth Hour. We ask you to turn off the lights in your home and to come share a candle-lit dinner with members while raising awareness about the environment
  • GIVTAR: every Ramadan we hold GIVTAR, a community iftar in support of the Give 30 campaign that has raised over $350,000 for food banks across Canada
  • Eidlicious: we like to celebrate Eid in style with a delicious meal and everyone dressed in their finest, while collectively reflecting on the blessings we shar